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Hey there Boston.  That time of year  is once again upon us: Open Studios. JP Open Studios is a great way for the community to open their studios, workshops, and mad scientist-y laboratories up to the public. There are heaps of creative people showing off their work for you to enjoy, and if you like, purchase.

I will be doing the regular Bias Design open studio shtick by hosting a trunk sale of wares on the cheap, bumping the website, and even some live printing! I love open studios, not just because it is a great way for people to check out my business, but also unselfishly for all of the reasons YOU will love open studios too!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE OPEN STUDIOS: I am not psychotic like some of my fellow artisans about the open studios experience, buuut those fanatics make the day all the more enjoyable for everyone else! ‘Expect the unexpected’ is my open studios motto. There will doubtlessly be:

* Work that blows your mind, beautiful pieces of all genres created by strange and off putting individuals who appear to be homeless, and will probably yell at you.

* What I call hippie art, complete with a white girl in dreads baked out of her mind trying to sell you pipes for your ‘loose leaf tobacco’ enjoyment.

* Potters who believe themselves to be very, very serious sculptures, who will try and sell you cereal bowls under the vestige that they are fine art pieces. Dishwasher safe fine art pieces…

*Funny sculptors who make hilarious metal prostitutes from old car parts.

*Painters who are really talented and don’t fit any of those artist cliche’s.

*Amazing random crafters who make things to give you a chuckle and help you cross names off your holiday shopping list.

*Painters who should be featured on Regretsy. (These are my favorite people of the day.) A word of advice, approach these maniacs like you would an escaped mental patient. Speak softly and only say kind and encouraging words about the forks they’ve stuck in canvases, DO NOT by any means ask them about their ‘vision’ when a respectful amount of time has passed slowly back away, and if they still have you in their grasp and you’re too nice to just walk away you should probably play dead…and when he/she leaves to get help, run like hell.

* And then there is me. I will be selling eco-friendly, hand printed bitchin’ t-shirts of high quality for low prices, I will answer all of your questions and treat you kindly. ALSO, the entire kids line will be available. I am in the midst of the holiday season rush so I have ample sizes in all styles, some new T’s that have yet to make it onto the site but were a big hit last weekend in NYC.  BONUS: My studio is in a great shared space with some really awesome artists.


*We are located in the Sam Adams Brewery Complex, and yes the tours are free, and YES that includes free beer!

*Ula Cafe is downstairs in the old brewery building and they have delicious treats to experience! Do yourself a favor and try the Russian and Lemonade.

*Bella Luna. An all around awesome restaurant with a great list of beers on tap and lots of mid day liquor breaks for all of you who know how to do open studios right.

SO. Come on out this Weekend September 24th and 25th from 11-6 and support the arts! It will be a fabulous time, as it always is. Swing by the Bias Studios on Germania St in the Sam Adams Brewery Complex. Bias Design is in Building C. Feel free to send me a message for more detailed directions.  For more information, and free maps to download  check out . I hope to see you this weekend!


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