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Bias Design is, as I have never stopped reminding you, an eco friendly company. I believe that all business owners, big and small have a responsibility to the world that we work in. While Bias Design is a small business and can’t donate huge sums of money, I also do believe that every penny counts. There are no shortage of causes in the world that demand attention. That being said, the horrors of the triple disaster—a 9.0 earthquaketsunami and nuclear meltdown that struck Japan are staggering. Watching footage of the event sent an apocalyptic shiver down my spine, and like many of you I wanted to give back. But when you’re living paycheck to paycheck donating can be difficult. I know that, however I think the sentiment ‘practice what you preach’ is an important one. Morally I feel a responsibility to give back.

I stand by the notion that charity begins at home. I have been raised by a family that believes this intrinsically. I can not count the number of times I have been lent a helping hand from my family and friends. Whenever I had to borrow money from my parents, I would assert that I would pay them back just as soon as I could. My Mom and Dad always told me to ‘pay it forward’ that one day someone would need my help, and then it would be my duty to help them. Well, Japan needs our help.

Besides the deplorable rhetoric spewed by some radio figures and on the Internet, there is an undercurrent of opinion that Japan really does not need our help — indigent Haiti, yes; wealthy Japan, not so much. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The following excerpt is from Constantine N. Vaporis, Arbutus. Professor of Asian Studies at The University of Maryland.

“It is true that Japan is the third-wealthiest nation in the world in terms of gross national product. Yet it is also true that the country has yet to find a way out of the morass that has resulted in two decades of recession or near-zero economic growth. But the greatest truism is that this combination of disasters that some are referring to as Japan’s “Black Swan” is without precedent in world history — and the end of the story has yet to be written. The human toll is vast — not just the number of dead, which will no doubt be in excess of 10,000, but the untold numbers of people who will be psychologically scarred by the events still unfolding.

In economic terms, we can only hazard a guess at the tremendous price tag for reconstruction, but the experts are talking about a figure in excess of $100 billion. The full extent of the danger from the radiation leaking from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is also unknown, but news of contaminated food and water supplies have stirred up great fears across Japan.

Fortunately, it appears that most of the world is not convinced that the Japanese can be left to their own devices in recovering from this triple disaster. Help has been offered by generous people, celebrities as well as the lesser known, in over seventy countries across the globe. Those writing big checks include people from Korea, Taiwan and China — countries that were scarred by occupation or war with prewar Imperial Japan.

We should do all we can to help this country because the Japanese people are trying so valiantly to help themselves. There is so much to be admired in the way they have pulled together, despite the unsteady leadership being offered by Tokyo politicians. The unselfish manner in which victims have shared scarce resources of food and water, the widespread cooperation with daily phased blackouts across the six prefectures surrounding Tokyo and the thousands of city blocks in the capital itself, the lack of a single reported case of looting — all provide lessons to us in how people can rise above adversity and selfish desires to find their common humanity.”

When I read this, I wanted to help that sense of ‘common humanity’. Like many of you I don’t have much extra to give, but for the next two months half of the proceeds from every purchase made on the Bias Design  etsy shop (sorry the website is still under construction!)  the bias design workshop, and all events will go to The American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami disaster relief. Together we can help Japan, and bonus: You can look great doing it!


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  1. Awesome blog! Sign me up bias design!

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