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As you know, this is a Bias Design centric blog. It lets you know what is going on between my ears in regards to my business, but right now I can’t stop the ringing of  a signature, three syllable sound. Selah D’or. A design house started by David Chum and named after a play on the words “Cellar Door” a combination that was once carachterized by J.R.R Tolkien to have an especially beautiful sound, is apropos because Selah D’or has especially beautiful wears.

David Chum, the genius behind the line is a professionally trained artist and self taught clothing designer from Boston. Although his styles will likely grace the catwalks of New York and Paris before long. This breakout designer has just shown in the first, much rumored about and, very successful Style Week Providence. His show opened the week of design, runway shows, and  hob nobbing with the who’s who of Northeast fashion. Style lovers and critics throughout the country spent the night raving about this inguenue, and he was being pulled limb from limb by models, boutique owners and even abc news who did a feature on the rising star.

These clothes are clearly more than just your average throw it on and leave the house pieces, they are art works. Wearable, fine works of art that are contemporary without being trendy or over stated. The fall 2010 line that walked on Sunday was en pointe in terms of body consciousness, form, and functionality. These are the clothes, you know the ones I’m talking about, the pieces that make your wardrobe. The ones that seem to have you walking a little taller, feeling a little bit more formidable. These clothes have power, not only to transform your wardrobe but also to catapult your mood. The details, the soft feminine elegance and hard lines make a juxtopostion that has every woman and red blooded man swooning for more, more, more Selah D’or, and lucky for us Mr. Chum won’t be stopped anytime soon.

*For more info check out his website at and for more style info check out his blog at .



  1. I couldn’t agree more! David Chum is definitely a designer on the rise! His collection at Style Week Providence this week truly showcased his talent and aesthetic and I’m pleased that one day I will get to say “I saw him when…”

    Great article on a much deserved designer!

  2. I love his looks but his materials look a bit on the cheap side, especially the plether and metals.

    • dear boston blogger,

      yes. it is real leather and gold filled metals. i actually had the leather dyed and treated for the SS10 collection. when the collections are live on my webshop, i list all materials, and they are listed as “leather” and it is not false information. the FW10 collection will be up soon for pre-order before the collecton hits the retailers this september. if you would like, you are more than welcome to come to my studio and take a look for yourself. feel free to contact me:

      david chum

  3. Dear Bostonblogger, I can assure you it is real very high quality hand cut leather, and gold filled metals as well.

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