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While we toil tirelessly to make the new selections for the warmer weather, we have noticed that our sensibilities lately lean toward the organic. Not just the fair trade American made products we have always used, but a step further. Organic cotton, and recycled fibers. We have (in our ‘green’ promo shirt) used these kinds of products before. Anyone who has one of the “it’s easy being green” shirts knows that it is so downy that you want to create tiny Tobias-esque shorts out of the material and join the ranks of never nude as well. It’s just that soft.

What you might not know is that this shirt, (only sold at events) is our way of giving back. Bias Design believes that all companies have a responsibility to the world that we tread upon, we can’t exactly preach and not practice. So the proceeds of this shirt go to the American Wild Life Trust, and The Gulf Restoration Network. This is an incentive to purchase, I think. I’m not going to get all Whole Foods-y, don’t buy bananas on you, because let’s be honest you’d hate me for it, never buy our clothes again leaving me penniless and on the streets clutching to the dream that I too could have sold out one day. But bla bla, organic and recycled= better for the world. Now, my query. Does this make you want to purchase something more? Is it an incentive to buy organic, or are you taken by design alone?

I wonder about this a lot. However, with a grain of salt. I realize, I am that person, with the tote bags in her purse, and the reusable everything. I have taken to washing out zip-lock bags, sustainable living makes me a little weak in the knees, it’s true. But what about you? Would you pay $2-4 dollars more for something that has a low impact on the enviroment? Because it does cost more to use these shirts, and I am aware (as a small business owner, VERY aware of this recession) that this is an issue for most people, cost.  So, honestly now: cost or eco-friendliness?


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  1. I would pay $2-4 more dollars, knowing that what I was buying was low impact. I spend more on food because I buy organic.. and I feel whether you are putting it in your body or on your body, it’s good to know the effects are small… Plus the added bonus of buying from a small, private owned company!!

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