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100_1194Sometimes I forget how lucky I am, in times likes these I think of terrible, terrible, often hilarious things. Many of you Bias enthusiasts are well aware of the ‘anti greeting cards’ that I have been making as of late. I am going to be making and selling a set of these sweet tarts this holiday season.

I have also been hard at work crafting stationary, book binding, and working on the much rumored about baby/kids line.  The books, cards, and stationary  we are featuring, are all  hand bound, printed, and in some cases water-colored in house at our Bias Headquarters in beautiful JP. We are using Strathmore watermarked 86% cotton artists grade paper.

The card above is in response to one of the world’s most hated images…you know the one, your guidance counselor or dentist probably had in his or her office….that horrifying cliche of a cat hanging from a laundry line, proclaiming in a nauseating ‘happy’ font “Hang in there!”  That poster is like visual nails on a chalk board to me. This is a card to lighten the spirits of the depressed, and downtrodden, by hopefully making them chuckle….More anti-card sneak peaks next week. 


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