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serve.asp The v neck is, and has been for ages a quite popular style. I am all for it, as I have always been a huge proponent of any style that helps feature my décolletage. However men have started rocking the casbah out of v neck’s recently, as I am sure all of you have noticed. Being a T shirt designer these trends interest me, and provide new options for men’s styles. However the V neck has caused some crazy stir amongst the men I know. 


Admittedly, as anyone who knows me is well aware, I am a bit of a fag hag,6456pac_06 a fruit fly, the queen of the queens if you will. Most, of my male friends are huge supporters of the v neck, but is this a decidedly queer trend? I’d say not,  especially when concerning the American Apparel v necks we will be printing on this summer. They are indeed soft and comfy and breathable for hot weather. Not to mention the hipster aesthetic has made them a must have for fashion forward men everywhere. Not only v necks, but the deep v neck is now rearing it’s letter shaped head all over the city streets. But, not wholly. I know a lot of men (straight and gay) who are horrified by this new development in mens fashion trends. Why fear the depths of this V?


I thought maybe at first it was an effeminacy they were trying to steer clear of. Maybe it is something to do about the shape of their pecs, and or lack there of? My friend Porter says that the Deep V should be reserved for those men who have, “Really fucking amazing pec’s” Interesting notion, I as a woman growing up in our airbrushed fake breast, collagen injected, botox fueled society kind of love the idea of the average man being made to feel less than, by a T shirt. But only for a split second, because really as a humanist I would never wish insecurity on anyone. It turns out after some asking about, the real culprit is not how fit, or how unfit your chest is. It’s all about the carpet.


Chest hair. The chest hair factor has hirsute gents everywhere making what some see as a very tough fashion decision. There are a small group of undecided fella’s but for the most part I have seen two strict camps. Flaunt your unshorn majesty with pride, or hide your fur under the sweltering coverage of a regular T.  Generally I do not care one way or the other, I’m down with or without chest hair. However I am concerned about this for the photo shoot. I have designed two summer shirts that are unisex v necks, and I plan on shooting  them on men and women alike. But, most of my go to male models are bewhiskered on the breast. Will this be a distraction from the shirt? Should I go with a prepubescent look? If I do choose a man with a bald ribcage am I saying something negative about our fleecy customers? Please, weigh in with your thoughts on this matter of obvious pressing importance. I’d also appreciate any insights on to why the chest hair issue is one of such debate amongst men concerning their sex appeal. In short, Yay or Nay to the Shaggy?



  1. If a man is confident with his heterosexual self, it would be very comfortable, but he would have to expect advances from both sides. Personal tastes are diverse – some like no hair, some love to run their fingers through it. I do have to suggest you don’t offer this style in XXL. There are some things that just should NOT be sold in larger sizes for the sake of humankinds eyes.

  2. I say, “yay”. Though if you have the option I think you should show both. But ultimately I think some chest hair would be grand.

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